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Theo's Fisheries Wholesale Fish Supply
We Deliver all of our extensive range of Fresh and Frozen Fish all over New Zealand. Listed below are all our product range, please note that these products are subject to availablity so relevant enquiries should be directed to us when you are ready to order or have a future requirement.

Delivery is available throught New Zealand for any of our Fish range.

If you would like to place an order please visit our order page or for more information on our delivery and wholesale services, please contact us anytime.
Fresh Fish Products
Fresh Crumbed Red Cod
Fresh Fish Pieces
Fresh Gutted Blue Cod
Fresh Heads Groper
Fresh Heads Tarakihi
Fresh H & G Blue Cod
Fresh H & G Blue Nose
Fresh H&G Hake
Fresh H&G Groper
Fresh H&G Leather
Fresh H&G Trumpeter
Fresh Live Crayfish
Fresh Loins Red Cod
Fresh Marinated Mussel
Fresh Meat Mussels
Fresh Octopus
Fresh S & B Blue Cod
Fresh S & B Blue Fin
Fresh S & B Blue Nose
Fresh S & B Bream
Fresh S & B Butterfish
Fresh S & B Alfonsin
Fresh S & B Dories
Fresh S & B Elephant
Fresh S & B Brill
Fresh S & B Sole
Fresh S & B Hapuka
Fresh S & B Pearl
Fresh S & B Gurnard
Fresh S & B Hake
Fresh S & B Hoki
Fresh S & B Groper
Fresh S & B Lemon Fish
Fresh S & B Ling
Fresh S & B Moki
Fresh S & B Monkfish
Fresh S & B Moon Fish
Fresh S & B Moon Fish
Fresh S & B Orange Roughy
Fresh S & B Rays Bream
Fresh S & B Red Cod
Fresh S & B Ribaldo
Fresh S & B Red Snapper
Fresh S & B Salmon
Fresh S & B School
Fresh S & B Perch
Fresh S & B Pearch
Fresh S & B Rig
Fresh S & B Silver
Fresh S & B Tarakihi
Fresh S & B Trumpete
Fresh S & B Tuna
Fresh S & B Blue War
Fresh S & B White War
Fresh Sides Ling
Fresh Side Salmon
Fresh Smoked Fish
Fresh Smoked Hake
Fresh Smoke Hoki
Fresh Smoked Groper
Fresh Smoked Ling
Fresh Smoked Red Cod
Fresh Smoked Salmon
Fresh Smoked Silver Warehou
Fresh Smoked Warehou
Fresh Skin On Gurnard
Fresh Skin On Hoki
Fresh Fillets skin on Groper
Fresh Skin On Salmon
Fresh Skin On Gemfish
Fresh Skin On Pearch
Fresh Skin On Silver Warehou
Fresh Skin On Tarakihi
Fresh Skin On Trumpeter
Fresh Skin On Blue Warehou
Fresh Skin-off Sole
Fresh Skin-off Hoki
Fresh Skin-off Groper
Fresh Skin-off Trumpeter
Fresh Steaks Blue Finned Tuna
Fresh Steaks Blue Nose
Fresh Steaks Conger Eel
Fresh Steaks Hapuku
Fresh Steak Hake
Fresh Steaks Groper
Fresh Steaks Salmon
Fresh Steaks Gemfish
Fresh steaks trumpeter
Fresh Steaks Tuna
Fresh Steaks Blue Warehou
Fresh Trunks Conga eel
Fresh Tubes Squid
Fresh Whole Blue Cod
Fresh Whole Blue Nose
Fresh Whole Alfonsino
Fresh Whole Conger Eel
Fresh Whole Crayfish
Fresh Whole Crabs
Fresh Whole Fish Balls
Fresh Whole Brill
Fresh Whole Flounder
Fresh Whole Sole
Fresh Whole Gurnard
Fresh Whole Herring
Fresh Whole Hoki
Fresh Whole Groper
Fresh Whole Kahawai
Fresh Whole Mackerel
Fresh Whole Moki
Fresh Whole Monkfish
Fresh Whole Green Shell Mussel
Fresh Whole Mullet
Fresh Whole Greenshell Mussels
Fresh Whole Octopus
Fresh Oysters (1doz units)
Fresh Whole Red Cod
Fresh Whole Salmon
Fresh Scallops
Fresh Whole Skate
Fresh Whole Gemfish
Fresh Whole Pearch
Fresh Whole Squid
Fresh Whole Silver Warehou
Fresh Whole Tarakihi
Fresh Whole Trumpeter
Fresh Whole Tuna
Fresh Whole Blue Warehou
Fresh Whitebait
Fresh Whole White Warehou
Fresh Wings Groper
Fresh Wings Skate

Frozen Fish Products
Frozen S & B Groper
Frozen S & B Ling
Frozen S & B Moki
Frozen S & B Monkfis
Frozen S & B Red Cod
Frozen S & B Ribald
Frozen S & B School
Frozen S & B Pearch
Frozen S & B Rig
Frozen S & B Silver
Frozen S & B Tarakih
Frozen S & B Blue Wa
Frozen S & B White W
Frozen Seafood Sticks
Frozen Smoked Ling
Frozen Smoked Moki
Frozen Smoked Red Cod
Frozen Smoked Silver Warehou
Frozen Smoked Warehou
Frozen Skin On Hoki
Frozen skin-on Salmon
Frozen Skin On Gemfish
Frozen Skin On Pearch
Frozen Skin On Silver Warehou
Frozen Skin On Blue Warehou
Fresh Skin off Hoki
Frozen Steaks Blue Finned Tuna
Frozen Steaks Conger Eel
Frozen Steaks Groper
Frozen Steaks Gemfish
Frozen Steaks Tuna
Frozen Steaks Blue Warehou
Frozen Crab Meat
Frozen Tubes Squid
Frozen whole Blue Cod
Frozen Whole Baby Octopus
Frozen Whole Alfonsino
Frozen Whole Crayfish
Frozen Whole Brill
Frozen Whole Flounder
Frozen Whole Sole
Frozen Whole Gurnard
Frozen Whole Moki
Frozen Whole Green Shell Mussels
Frozen Whole Oysters
Frozen Prawns
Frozen Whole Red Cod
Frozen Whole Scallops
Frozen Shrimps
Frozen Whole Pearch
Frozen Whole Squid
Frozen Whole Silver Warehou
Frozen Whole Tarakihi
Frozen Whole Tuna
Frozen Whole Blue Warehou
Frozen Whitebait
Frozen Whole White Warehou
Frozen Fish Pieces
Frozen General
Frozen Maramix
Frozen Salad
Frozen H & G Blue Cod
Frozen H & G Blue Nose
Frozen H & G Hake
Frozen H & G Groper
Frozen H & G White War
Frozen Meat Mussels
Frozen S & B Blue Cod
Frozen S & B Blue Fi
Frozen S & B Blue No
Frozen S & B Alfonsi
Frozen S & B Dories
Frozen S & B Elephan
Frozen S & B Sole
Frozen S & B Gurnard
Frozen S & B Hake
Frozen S & B Hoki

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